The Future Of Furniture: Trends To Watch For In 2021


If you are thinking of replacing your furniture, now is a great time to check out the latest furniture trends for 2021. With only a few months left before the new year arrives, furniture stores are gearing up for a new year with the latest furniture trends. Knowing what is hot in furniture trends will help you furnish your home in style. Pink is popular If pink is your passion, you will find plenty of pinks to keep you happy in 2021 home furnishings.

7 October 2020

Blower Assembly Fan Problems And Their Effects On Your Air Conditioning System


The blower assembly fan is responsible for not only pulling air into the air conditioning system, but also pushing the air through the system and into air-conditioned spaces. Any problem with the fan is therefore likely to affect the rate of airflow in the air conditioning system, something that will then have a negative impact on the ability of the air conditioner to make your home comfortable. The following are some of the most common problems that can affect this fan.

22 July 2016

Considering Central Air Conditioning For The House? What To Know


If you are tired of hot nights in the summer when you can't sleep because you don't have an air conditioner, and coming into a home that is hotter on the inside than the outside, it's time to get a central air conditioner. There are many great benefits to investing the money in central air for the home.  There are a lot of different models for all homes based on your air conditioning needs, and over time the unit can benefit you in a variety of ways.

8 February 2016

3 Simple Steps for Cleaning Your Home's Wooden Blinds


If your home has wooden blinds installed, it is important to understand the specific care needs for these unique window treatments. While you can clean metal and vinyl blinds with dish soap and water, wooden blinds require special cleaning in order to preserve them. If water comes into contact with the wood, the blinds can develop permanent discoloration spots or warp. Follow these three simple steps to safely and effectively clean your home's wooden blinds:

25 May 2015

Tips For Your Next Big Moving Day


If you are planning for a move, there can be a countless number of details to be managed and logistical decisions that must be made. For those going through a move, the entire process can seem overwhelming, and failing to properly handle these issues can lead to damaged possessions or unexpected problems when you arrive at your new home. Adhering to the following two tips can help you dodge the worst of these issues.

13 April 2015

Window Treatment Ideas For Bay Windows


Well-designed window treatments can add visual interest to your home, protect privacy, and remove the glare of the sun, when needed. It's relatively easy to find and design a treatment for standard square or rectangular windows. But oversized bay windows can create more of a problem, since off-the-shelf blinds aren't the correct size and have general designs that can look unattractive when enlarged to fit. What are some of the best window treatment ideas for bay windows?

5 December 2014

How To Update The Look Of Your Home With Brick Staining


Exposed brick in a home can be a great way to add character, as it gives a home a bit of a rustic charm. While this style of decor is commonly found in older historical buildings due to the cost nature of covering the brick with plasterwork, it is possible to find it in modern living spaces that intentionally use the style. There will come a time when the bricks start to show their age, and you may want to consider giving them a makeover.

4 December 2014

Most Frequently Asked Questions About Caring For A Ceramic Top Stove


If you are looking for a seamless cooking surface that will give you a more modern kitchen design, the ceramic cooktop stove is a great choice. With a smooth flat surface and no room for food to fall into burners, you would expect that these stoves would be much more easier to clean. However, many first time owners are surprised to find just how much attention the ceramic top stove really needs.

3 December 2014