Most Frequently Asked Questions About Caring For A Ceramic Top Stove


If you are looking for a seamless cooking surface that will give you a more modern kitchen design, the ceramic cooktop stove is a great choice. With a smooth flat surface and no room for food to fall into burners, you would expect that these stoves would be much more easier to clean. However, many first time owners are surprised to find just how much attention the ceramic top stove really needs. Here are a few of the most common questions and concerns that may help you get a better idea of what to expect from one of your own.

Is it really necessary to use specialized cleaners on the ceramic cooktop?

The answer to this outright is yes. Other chemical cleaners that you would use on an appliance can be damaging to the sealant of the ceramic. The recommended cleaner is not just for cleansing purposes, but to help ensure the high-shine surface is kept polished and will resist splatters and stains.

Will you still be able to use the same pots and pans?

Some pots and pans cannot be used on a ceramic cooking surface. Overly heavy items can put the cooktop at risk of cracking under pressure. Cast iron skillets and cookware have rough gritty bottoms that can leave scratches behind that will compromise the surface.

How can scratches and scuffs be prevented on the glossy surface?

The easiest way to prevent scuffs and scratches on your ceramic cooktop is by following guidelines about cleaning procedures, such as using the right type of cleaner and non-abrasive scrubbers. Furthermore, avoiding the wrong pans can be a major help.

Why does the manufacturer warn to not place lids on the surface?

When a lid is placed on a heated ceramic stovetop, it can create a vacuum effect that will pull the lid tight to the surface of the stove. When you try to remove the lid, the ceramic can bust or crack.

Is there a way to repair a ceramic cooktop if it has been damaged?

If your ceramic cooktop has been damaged, either with cracks or large scratches, repairs are not usually a possibility. However, you can have an appliance service install a replacement top for your stove. This is a lengthy process that some people try to attempt on their own, only to find that incorrect installation inhibits the cooktop from performing properly.

With the right care and attention to guidelines, you can enjoy your ceramic cooktop stove for many years. If you have questions about the care, it is always best to consult an appliance service center, such as Prompt Appliance Services, Inc., for advice.


3 December 2014