Considering Central Air Conditioning For The House? What To Know


If you are tired of hot nights in the summer when you can't sleep because you don't have an air conditioner, and coming into a home that is hotter on the inside than the outside, it's time to get a central air conditioner. There are many great benefits to investing the money in central air for the home. 

There are a lot of different models for all homes based on your air conditioning needs, and over time the unit can benefit you in a variety of ways. Here are a few things to consider.

It Improves Resale

Just fewer than 70 percent of home buyers admit they are willing to pay more for a house that has a central air conditioning unit, opposed to buying a house for less money that doesn't. Some buyers will pay $2,500 more for a property with central air. This means that when you go to sell you don't have to worry about getting your money back for the investment, and it could actually become a marketable selling point.

Prevent Potential Moisture Problems

A central air conditioner will keep humidity out of the home by keeping the temperature moderate and preventing condensation from occurring. This can stop condensation from causing mold and mildew in the living space, which can cause a lot of structural problems. It can cause health problems for those with a mold or mildew allergy, and for people that have asthma.

 Efficient Options are Available

There are air conditioning options that are highly efficient and won't cost you a small fortune to run, so you can get cool without stressing about high cooling bills. Spending more money for a highly efficient unit will pay off when you get your bills every month, and it will be another feature you can display if you go to sell your home in the future. If you have an older unit you don't use, upgrading can earn you a federal or state tax rebate.

If air conditioning is something you don't think you can live without but you worry that you are wasting money or spending too much having the central unit installed, consider all of these great advantages when you do. You can get a great unit that will keep the house cool and help you save money at the same time, so avoid any window or ductless air conditioners and try a great central air conditioning unit instead. Contact a professional, such as A Bailey Plumbing, for more information. 


8 February 2016