How To Update The Look Of Your Home With Brick Staining


Exposed brick in a home can be a great way to add character, as it gives a home a bit of a rustic charm. While this style of decor is commonly found in older historical buildings due to the cost nature of covering the brick with plasterwork, it is possible to find it in modern living spaces that intentionally use the style. There will come a time when the bricks start to show their age, and you may want to consider giving them a makeover.

Instead of resurfacing the brick, consider staining them to freshen your home's look:

Surfaces You Can Stain

Staining can be done on any surface that is porous, which means you can stain brick and stone walls. For instance, fireplaces that are surrounded by brick and stone inside the home are great candidates for staining.

The main difference between staining and painting is that paint can eventually chip away. If you opt to stain instead of paint, the stain will end up lasting much longer than painted brick ever will

Test The Stain

Since brick is a porous material, you cannot be 100% sure how a stain will react and change in color. That is why it is important to test the stain on a small area that is inconspicuous. If the stain does not turn out the way you want it to, it will be in a place that nobody will see.

If a stain appears too light or dark once applied to the brick, you will need to change the color of the stain. Stained brick is easier to darken, but can be hard to make lighter.

Use Textures

You may not be a fan of staining your brick with an even and smooth color, and want to make a look that has some texture to it. You can use similar techniques for staining that are used for painting. In order to add texture, try using a thick nap roller. It will help create a texture that compliments the uneven texture of the brick.

Sponges are also great for creating texture, and it is hard to mess up. The nature of a sponge texture look means that the color will be uneven. If you are not a fan of the look when you are finished, you can always make the brick a darker solid color.

If you decide to stain your interior bricks, it will freshen up the look of your home by making an older style of decor look modern once again. For more help, contact a professional like Michael Bellantoni to learn more.


4 December 2014