3 Simple Steps for Cleaning Your Home's Wooden Blinds


If your home has wooden blinds installed, it is important to understand the specific care needs for these unique window treatments. While you can clean metal and vinyl blinds with dish soap and water, wooden blinds require special cleaning in order to preserve them. If water comes into contact with the wood, the blinds can develop permanent discoloration spots or warp.

Follow these three simple steps to safely and effectively clean your home's wooden blinds:

Step #1: Vacuum the Blinds with a Hose Attachment

To remove the bulk of the dust and pet hair on your home's blinds, you should first vacuum them. The most effective method is to flatten the blinds and clean them with the hose attachment of your vacuum. Start at the top and move down to the bottom, moving in a side to side motion on each blind slat.

Once the first side is done, then flatten the blinds in the other direction and repeat the process.

Step #2: Wipe Down the Blinds with a Static Dusting Cloth

You can purchase an inexpensive static dusting cloth at your local grocery store in the cleaning supplies department. These cloths are manufactured in such a way that they attract and hold dust and hair. Regular cotton rags do not have this ability and will drop the dust down to lower blinds or on your floor.

To make the static cloth better retain dust, stretch it between your hands before you start dusting. To dust, hold the cloth wrapped around two of your fingers. Rub the cloth along all of the surfaces of the blinds until you have removed all of the dust. Take your time and do both the top and the bottom of the blinds.

Step #3: Prevent Future Dust with a Fabric Softener Sheet

Fabric softener sheets that are designed to prevent static cling in your dryer are helpful for keeping dust off of your home's furniture and blinds. The fabric softener is an oil and will not damage your wooden blinds, but rubbing the blinds with a fabric softener sheet will help them repel dust. For the best protection, rub the fabric softener sheet along the blinds right after you clean them. Using a new sheet on each blind will ensure that each area along the blinds will be protected.


If you have cleaned your home's blinds and found that they have seen better days and need to be replaced, then you should contact a local window treatment company for assistance.


25 May 2015