Dining Room Redo: See What's New In 2022 In Dining Room Furniture

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If you have been waiting to give your dining room a makeover, the new year is a great time to get started. The pandemic changed the way people eat, and the return of families dining together is more popular than ever. Trends in 2022 dining room furniture are focused on comfort and making the dining room the heart of the home. Round or oval tables In 2022, you can expect to see the focus on round and oval-shaped tables versus rectangular or square styles.

5 January 2022

One Step At A Time: Elevating Living Spaces With Japanese Room Shoes

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For those familiar with Japanese culture and traditions, taking shoes off when entering a home is not out of the ordinary. For many today, this gesture is widely used as a way to keep carpets and bare floors clean and free of debris. Many may not know, however, of Japanese room shoes. These comfortable slippers are only worn in the home and make for an even more pleasant way to enjoy one's living space.

27 September 2021

Add An Ornamental Windmill To A Hardscaped Or Landscaped Surface

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An ornamental windmill that contains solar panels can be installed on your deck, patio, or lawn. This type of decor consists of two metal discs that rotate and solar panels that are necessary for the operation of a lighting mechanism. A Solar Leaf Windmill Solar leaf windmills contain powder-coated metal pieces. The base of an ornamental windmill may include metal pieces that need to be screwed together. The top portion of a windmill consists of metal cutouts with leaf-like shapes around their perimeter.

13 July 2021

Pest Control Services To Deal With Lingering Insect Infestations Before Summer

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If you had a problem with insects like ants or termites last summer, the winter weather was just a break. Now that it is spring again, these insects will be active and you will want to get infestations under control before they get out of control. The following pest control services will help deal with these lingering infestations before summer. Treat Household Interior The interior of your home may be an area where insects have gone unnoticed.

29 April 2021

Considerations To Make When Buying Residential Awnings

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If you want to be creative with your home's outdoor space, consider installing residential awnings. The weather can be harsh, but residential awnings will protect your home and possessions from the weather elements by creating protection and shade around porches, windows, patios, and decks. Here are some of the questions you need to ask yourself when shopping for residential awnings. What Type of Awning Should You Choose? The main types of awnings are retractable, fixed, and freestanding.

14 April 2021

Using Essential Oil Lamps

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Many people are familiar with essential oils. The use of water oil diffusers is trendy. However, not everyone is familiar with the more old-fashioned use of oil lamps as a way to release beautiful aromas into your home. An elegant and modern essential oil lamp makes an excellent gift for an essential oil lover who wants to elevate their style.  Fragrances When choosing essential oil fragrances, there's a lot to consider.

12 January 2021

The Future Of Furniture: Trends To Watch For In 2021


If you are thinking of replacing your furniture, now is a great time to check out the latest furniture trends for 2021. With only a few months left before the new year arrives, furniture stores are gearing up for a new year with the latest furniture trends. Knowing what is hot in furniture trends will help you furnish your home in style. Pink is popular If pink is your passion, you will find plenty of pinks to keep you happy in 2021 home furnishings.

7 October 2020