Add An Ornamental Windmill To A Hardscaped Or Landscaped Surface

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An ornamental windmill that contains solar panels can be installed on your deck, patio, or lawn. This type of decor consists of two metal discs that rotate and solar panels that are necessary for the operation of a lighting mechanism.

A Solar Leaf Windmill

Solar leaf windmills contain powder-coated metal pieces. The base of an ornamental windmill may include metal pieces that need to be screwed together. The top portion of a windmill consists of metal cutouts with leaf-like shapes around their perimeter.

A connection bar will rest between the metal pieces. The bar will contain solar panels. A windmill that lights up will either contain a central bulb or a series of recessed lights. If you purchase a model that contains a bulb, the bulb will light up at night. Some ornamental windmills contain lighting features that change colors.

If you buy a model that contains recessed lights, you will notice the lights arranged on some of the metal leaves. At night, the recessed lights will light up. Very low wind speeds are necessary for the movement of a solar windmill.

A Hardscape Display

Purchase a large flower pot or metal planter and fill it with dirt. The base of a solar leaf windmill will contain a forked edge. Fill the pot or planter with soil. Insert the pronged edge into the soil. Set the pot up on your deck or patio. Plant varieties that contain colorful blooms can be transplanted into the pot or planter. The plants will enhance the windmill display.

Lawn Displays

Decide if you would like to add a solo windmill to part of your lawn or a series of leaf windmills to a flowerbed. If you would like to add a single windmill to your property, choose a part of your property that is close to your home.

The addition of a windmill can be enjoyed while you are outdoors or indoors. When you are inside, you can gaze out at the leaf windmill, as long as you have chosen to set the windmill up near a window. Insert the base of the windmill into the soil and use decorative landscaping material to add a border around the windmill's base.

If you have chosen to add several windmills to a flowerbed, use a ruler to aid with spacing the windmills out. Insert the base of each windmill into the soil. Use mulch, or gravel to create a border around the base of each windmill.  


13 July 2021