One Step At A Time: Elevating Living Spaces With Japanese Room Shoes

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For those familiar with Japanese culture and traditions, taking shoes off when entering a home is not out of the ordinary. For many today, this gesture is widely used as a way to keep carpets and bare floors clean and free of debris. Many may not know, however, of Japanese room shoes. These comfortable slippers are only worn in the home and make for an even more pleasant way to enjoy one's living space. Here are just a few things to expect when making the switch to using Japanese room shoes in the home. 

Comfort and Style

Japanese room shoes come in a variety of styles and materials so finding the right pair will be an easy task. For those that may be confused as to what type to buy, considering the season and region they live in can definitely help. For those who live in hot and humid areas, for example, a lightweight linen blend room shoe with an open front will be appropriate. These will allow for excellent airflow while also providing a soft cushion for tired feet. Those living in a colder environment, on the other hand, would do well with a wool blend option that offers a closed toe. Like a sturdy pair of slippers, these room shoes will offer a cozy feel that fully encloses the feet for ultimate comfort and warmth. 

A Cleaner Living Space

As is customary in Japan, taking off one's shoes is not only hygienic but also shows a degree of respect for the home itself. As a result, using Japanese room shoes in one's home will provide a much cleaner living space to move around in. Bacteria and dirt that attach themselves to the bottom of shoes can bring unwanted germs into the home, not to mention the unsightly stains they put on floors. Rather than having to continuously clean the floors, opting to simply remove shoes beforehand and slip into a comfortable pair of Japanese room shoes will become a delight. Room shoes can easily be washed as well for an even more clean experience. When cleaning, place room shoes in a small mesh bag and set the machine cycles to wash at a gentle setting with a low tumble-dry finish. 

Cherished Traditions

Making the switch to using Japanese room shoes will soon become a beloved tradition for all those who dwell in the home. Not only will room shoes be a comfortable alternative to walking around on bare feet but they will also make for a more hygienic approach to using one's living space to its fullest potential. Having an extra pair or two on hand is always a great idea, especially when having guests over for an extended stay. Slipping into a pair of soft room shoes will make any visiting experience feel spa-worthy and showcase an appreciation of how Japanese culture values the sanctity and solace of the home space. 

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27 September 2021