6 Tips For Helping Your Outdoor Furniture Last As Long As Possible

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Your outdoor furniture makes your outdoor living space comfortable and inviting, and ideally, you want your furniture to last as long as possible. Want to ensure your outdoor furniture stands the test of time? Then, keep these tips in mind. 

1. Buy Furniture Designed for the Outside

If you want your furniture to last, you need furniture designed for the outside. Repurposing indoor furniture can save money upfront, but that furniture won't last outside. 

2. Cover When Not in Use

When your outdoor furniture is not in use on a regular basis, you should consider covering it. A cover will protect it from the elements. To ensure maximum protection, look for a custom cover supplier that has covers that fits your furniture perfectly. 

3. Keep It Shaded

You obviously don't want to have to pull off and store covers every time you use your furniture. So you need to find other ways to protect your furniture when it's being used on a daily basis. 

Shade can be essential if you want to protect the colors in the fabric of your cushions, stop paint from peeling, or prevent wooden frames from getting too dry. 

Ideally, your outdoor living space should have a shade that can protect your furniture. If you don't have a permanent shade, consider using a sun sail, outdoor curtains, or other temporary solutions. 

4. Take Care of the Wood

If your outdoor furniture is made of wood, you need to pay extra special attention to the wood. It may need oils or conditioners. Or, it may need to be painted and refinished. Find out the manufacturer's recommendations or look for general care instructions based on the type of wood and its finish. 

5. Push It Back From the Pool

If your outdoor furniture is on a pool deck, consider pushing it back from the pool. Excess wetness can lead to rusty metal, fabric discoloration, rotten wood, or other issues. If you want poolside comfort, look for furniture designed to hold up in that condition. 

Also, consider staying away from harsh pool chemicals that may damage your furniture. Or consider special furniture covers that provide protection from splashes.

6. Store It Inside During the Winter

Unless you live in a climate that is warm and sunny all year round, you should store your furniture for part of the year. Don't let cold winter temperatures or snowy days ruin your outdoor furniture. If you don't have anywhere to store your furniture during the off-season, make sure to keep the furniture covered. 



18 March 2022