Pest Control Services To Deal With Lingering Insect Infestations Before Summer

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If you had a problem with insects like ants or termites last summer, the winter weather was just a break. Now that it is spring again, these insects will be active and you will want to get infestations under control before they get out of control. The following pest control services will help deal with these lingering infestations before summer.

Treat Household Interior

The interior of your home may be an area where insects have gone unnoticed. It is also an area of your property where infestations can be difficult to get under control. Thus, you want to start with a pest control treatment for the interior of your home. In addition, make sure you take precautions like keeping food in sealed containers and cleaning up. This will ensure insects don't have a source of food or water that attracts them to your home.

Seal and Treat Entrances

Any potential entrances to your home should be well-sealed to ensure insects can't get in. This is not only the windows and doors, but also anywhere there are cracks where pests can get in. For example, a pest control service can use specially formulated spray foam to seal around foundation seal plates and other areas. These foam sprays are designed to prevent insects from getting in.

Remove Infestations from Landscaping

Another area where you may have to deal with insects is your landscaping. This is an area of your home where insects nest and have access to food and nesting locations. Remove standing water and make sure cuttings are thrown away or burned. If you have organic ground coverings, you may want to replace these materials with landscaping rock. This will reduce the areas where ants, termites, and other insects can nest. A pest control service can also apply a treatment to any organic ground coverings.

Continue Pest Control Treatments Throughout Summer

After the pest control service has helped you get rid of the pest problems, you want to continue with treatments. These treatments can be bait traps that they place and come back to check on. They can also regularly spray your landscaping and around your home to ensure insect infestations don't return. You will also want to call if you notice insects coming back to have problems treated early.

The ants and termites are just some of the insects that you want to take care of before summer. Contact a pest control service to get help dealing with these insect problems before the problem gets worse.


29 April 2021