Want A Frameless Glass Shower Door? 3 Options To Choose From

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If you are planning to purchase a frameless glass shower door, you have different options to choose from. It is important that you learn about these options so you can determine what would work best for you. Keep reading to learn more so you can purchase your new shower doors and start using them.  

Type of Glass

When it comes to the glass you can choose a standard glass or a glass that is ultra-clear. For standard glass, there is a slight tint to it that you will likely eventually start to notice over time. Ultra-clear glass, however, has no tint at all. Consider ultra-clear if you want people to see the beautiful tile you choose for your bathroom shower or other details you want to showcase.

Ultra-clear glass is more expensive, but it is worth the price. Visit a showroom and look at these two glasses side by side so you can see the difference between them. 

Patterned or Privacy

No matter if you choose traditional glass or ultra-clear, you can purchase glass that is patterned. There is also glass that is made to provide you with privacy. This glass has a frosted look. For patterns, you can choose from a variety of designs. Having patterned or frosted glass also means you will not see dirt as easily if you do not have time to clean your shower doors. 

If you choose patterned glass, you should know it is generally much more expensive. This is because it is specialty glass that has to be sent out to have the pattern put on the glass. Make sure you ask about this cost before you make your choice. 

Coated Glass

Over time the glass shower door can become dull and could sustain small scratches. To take care of this, make sure you ask for coated glass. This is putting a protective film over the glass to keep it clear and to prevent damage to the glass. It is easier to clean a shower door that has been coated as well. Coated glass also does not fog up as fast when you take a hot shower. 

A salesperson can tell you how they coat their doors. They may spray on a coating or may use a coating that fuses to the glass. Both work well, but a spray coating will not last as long. 

Talk to the salesperson to learn about other options when you purchase your frameless glass shower doors, or request more information to continue reading.


14 April 2023