4 Ways To Get Your Trees Ready For Winter

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If you're lucky enough to have gorgeous trees on your property, you want to take care of them. Tree care is especially important in the autumn, because even though winter is a time of dormancy for many trees, proper care can keep them healthy during the cold months so they are ready to bloom again in spring. Here are four ways for you to get your trees ready for the winter.

11 December 2014

Learn How To Easily Customize Drapery To Use In Your Child's Nursery

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Finding just the right drapery to use in your child's nursery doesn't have to be overly difficult, if you are willing to customize the pieces on your own. Customizing drapery is much easier than you think. Use the following guide to learn how to make plain drapes look fun and unique. Supplies You'll Need Plastic Cookie Cutters A Small Paintbrush Bleach Solid Colored Drapes A Small Dish Prepare Your Drapes

10 December 2014

How to Enclose Your Patio For Year Round Use

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Have you been thinking about enclosing your patio? Perhaps you don't use it as much as you thought you would, or you realize that it would be a great additional room for your house. Now that warm weather is long gone, this might be the perfect time to bring some outdoor living right inside your home. Hire a Contractor Before you sign any papers, make sure you have the right contractors.

9 December 2014

How To Create A French Country Garden In Your Backyard

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Are you tired of the same old landscaping in every yard in your neighborhood? Have you ever traveled to France or seen pictures of French gardens that made you yearn for something similar at home? Read on to learn how you can create a French country garden right in your own backyard. Make It a Little Wild Typical French gardens are considerably less manicured and more wild than those in the States.

8 December 2014

How To Disguise Or Treat Scratches In Wood Furniture

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If you are like most people, you use your dining room furniture a lot. You can tell that it is well-used and well-loved by the number of scratches, water rings, and the like that have happened over the years despite how careful you have tried to treat it. It's just a fact of life: wood furniture is going to get damaged. The good news is that you have options that you can do to bring your beautiful furniture back to life again instead of living with all of those awful scratches.

8 December 2014

Window Treatment Ideas For Bay Windows


Well-designed window treatments can add visual interest to your home, protect privacy, and remove the glare of the sun, when needed. It's relatively easy to find and design a treatment for standard square or rectangular windows. But oversized bay windows can create more of a problem, since off-the-shelf blinds aren't the correct size and have general designs that can look unattractive when enlarged to fit. What are some of the best window treatment ideas for bay windows?

5 December 2014

How To Update The Look Of Your Home With Brick Staining


Exposed brick in a home can be a great way to add character, as it gives a home a bit of a rustic charm. While this style of decor is commonly found in older historical buildings due to the cost nature of covering the brick with plasterwork, it is possible to find it in modern living spaces that intentionally use the style. There will come a time when the bricks start to show their age, and you may want to consider giving them a makeover.

4 December 2014

Most Frequently Asked Questions About Caring For A Ceramic Top Stove


If you are looking for a seamless cooking surface that will give you a more modern kitchen design, the ceramic cooktop stove is a great choice. With a smooth flat surface and no room for food to fall into burners, you would expect that these stoves would be much more easier to clean. However, many first time owners are surprised to find just how much attention the ceramic top stove really needs.

3 December 2014

Benefits Of Installing Window Awnings

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If you are looking for new home improvement projects, consider window awnings. In addition to improving the appearance of your home, window awnings can offer you a number of other benefits. Below are just a few of the benefits you will enjoy by installing these fixtures. Enhance Your Home's Curb Appeal One of the primary reasons people choose to install awnings over their windows is for the aesthetic qualities they provide.

2 December 2014

How To Remove A Tick From Your Skin

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Finding a tick attached to your skin can be a scary experience. When this happens, you want to make sure you remove the tick properly. Since a tick attaches to you by embedding its head under your skin, you want to make sure you remove it properly. If you don't, the head can stay stuck under your skin. Follow the instructions below to remove a tick correctly. To remove a tick properly, you'll need the following supplies:

1 December 2014