Areas You Can Paint To Give Your Residential Property A New Look

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As a homeowner, you may be feeling the urge to give your residential property a new look. One way to do this is by painting different areas of your home. Painting can give a space a fresh and new feel, making it look completely different than before.

And though you might not think of it first, there are many different areas that you can paint to give your place a new look. Here are just a few.

Garage Door

Painting your garage door is an excellent way to refresh the exterior of your residential property and give it a new look. Not only does a fresh coat of paint create a more vibrant and inviting atmosphere for visitors, but it can also extend the door's life.

When selecting paint for your garage door, make sure that you choose one specifically designed to withstand the elements by being weather-resistant. Good quality exterior paint will help protect your door from rust and other damage over time.

You may also consider adding a clear sealant overtop to ensure maximum protection against the elements. Also, be sure that you use multiple coats when painting to avoid gaps in coverage.

Finally, if your existing garage door has been damaged or shows any signs of wear and tear, you might want to replace it entirely before attempting any exterior painting. This way, you can be sure that the new coat of paint will hold up for a long time.


Exterior shutters are a great way to add style, charm, and additional protection to your residential property. Painting them is an excellent way of customizing their look and allowing you to refresh your home's overall aesthetic.

When painting your shutters, you can choose to paint them the same color as your house to blend in more with the exterior. Alternatively, you can opt for a different color that will help to draw attention and create a more vibrant look. For instance, if your house is a light color, you could choose to paint the shutters a bolder shade, such as black or navy blue.

You could also use a striking color combination that adds interest and vibrancy to the space. For instance, if your molding is white, you could paint your shutters a bright red or yellow.

If you want to customize the look of your home, consider adding decorative details such as wooden carvings or wrought iron accents on top of the paint job. Once all parts are combined together, they create an eye-catching contrast that will draw attention at first glance — giving your residential property an eye-catching appearance that won't go unnoticed.

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7 March 2023