Three Things You Should Consider Having In Your Custom Pond

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Ponds are a great feature in any backyard and can provide a center point that guests and those who live there both love. They not only help keep your backyard cool during summer but they can also be quite visually beautiful, and the wildlife that they help sustain, from butterflies to fish (potentially) is also quite enchanting. if you are considering a customized pond installation, then there are a few features that you might want to consider including so that it looks as good as you hoped it would and lasts as long as you think it should.

Surface Skimmer 

A pond surface skimmer allows you to have the clearest water possible by removing all sorts of natural organic waste that can collect in the water such as leaves, twigs, flower petals, and so on. It works by having a head slightly above the water and sucking a thin film of water into its mouth regularly. This then draws all the aforementioned organic waste into the device. Every so often, it will need to be cleaned and maintained, but it also means that you don't have to regularly go out and manually pick out all the twigs and leaves to make your pond look nice. 

Little Fountain

While a pond is very beautiful and enjoyable to be around, it is very quiet. A lot of people like the gentle sound of trickling water as it not only reminds them of the pond but is quite a nice and relaxing background noise. These little fountains can be placed in your pond and come in all shapes and sizes, from themed fountains like a fish spitting out water to more traditional options. They take up very little power, and they last for years when put in place with your customized pond installation, so make sure to mention this during the building phase! 


While it may not be directly part of the pond itself, giving your pond a little bit of coverage from the sun not only increases the cooling effect your pond has (as the air above it remains untouched by the sun) but also makes for a much more relaxing area for you to lounge by. Installing a few mid-sized trees along with some shrubbery in addition to your pond can really make the area feel as if it came out of a fairytale and not as though you just plopped it down with no thought. Integrating your pond like this will make sure it feels so much more authentic and will make you love being around it all the more. 

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10 November 2022