Using Essential Oil Lamps

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Many people are familiar with essential oils. The use of water oil diffusers is trendy. However, not everyone is familiar with the more old-fashioned use of oil lamps as a way to release beautiful aromas into your home. An elegant and modern essential oil lamp makes an excellent gift for an essential oil lover who wants to elevate their style. 


When choosing essential oil fragrances, there's a lot to consider. Some smells stand alone and others are mixed together into an oil blend. Different smells will have different effects on the body and mind. Fragrances like mint and lemon are refreshing and invigorating. For a calming feeling, use oils like lavender, jasmine, and chamomile. 


There are two basic kinds of essential oil lamps. The first kind is really simple. It features a small ceramic dish on top and a hollow section beneath it where a small candle is placed. They are often painted a nice color and sometimes have patterns cut out from the sides to let the light shine through.

The more fancy essential oil lamps are glass bottles with a wick and metal burner tops. These essential oil lamps use the catalysis technology of traditional oil lamps to fill a room with fragrance and purify the air.


The essential oil lamps that use a candle simply require you to put a few drops of oil in the dish on top and light a small candle underneath it. When the flame heats the ceramic, the oil is heated and the fragrance is diffused into the air. 

For the oil lamps that use wicks, you begin by filling the bottle with oil. Then place the wick into the bottle and wait for the oil to absorb into the wick. Once the wick is saturated, light it and let the flame burn for about two minutes. When the flame lessens, blow it out and place the diffuser cap on the bottle. In a few minutes, the fragrance will fill an average-sized room.

With the wick oil lamps, it's important to clean the burner between different scents. To do this you will need to burn a neutral cleansing oil that is free of fragrance. This will ensure that the next fragrance doesn't mix with the previous one. The burner should also be replaced yearly to keep the lamp working smoothly. 

Essential oil lamps are a beautiful way to indulge your sense of smell. Try your own blends or order scents, such as a Lampe Berger oval gift set, to add a bit of luxury to your home.


12 January 2021