Make Over Your Shower For Luxurious Bathing

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Many people typically start their day in the shower. It's a space where you wake up while bathing. The shower can also be a retreat from a tough day or a relaxing ritual after a great workout. If you're updating or installing a shower, make it a luxurious experience.

Walk on In

Homeowners are getting away from the tub and shower combination of yesteryear, especially if space is an issue. Many people don't have time for long soaks, and they'd rather spend the space and budget on a more useful installation. Therefore, a walk-in shower is the way to go. Consider opting for a no-threshold shower, which doesn't feature a rim or a curb to stub your toes.

Go All Glass

With that in mind, Home and Garden TV suggests installing a glass enclosure for your walk-in shower. Glass has two big benefits. First, it doesn't offer a visual impediment, making your bathroom appear more spacious. Second, glass reflects light back into the bathroom, creating an airy atmosphere. Rimless glass features the minimum of metal, so the effect is even more open and airy. Such an enclosure pairs well with a no-threshold shower. Space permitting, you can even omit the door.

In that vein, consider using glass in your tile work as well. Glass tiles shimmer even when dry, and they really glisten when wet. You can use all-glass in your tile work or use glass tiles to create a beautiful border.

Install Seating

A low bench is a shower addition that's going to augment your routine. Naturally, its first function is for seating. However, you can also have storage built into the bench, which is great for storing your shower supplies. When it comes to the design, have the bench tiled to either match or complement the rest of the surroundings. For instance, if you want a complementary bench, have it tiled the same color as your accent tile work.

Include Multiple Sprays

Some mornings you may want the water to just fall over you like a warm rain. However, after a stressful day or tough workout, massage sprays aimed at your back may seem more useful. You're not the only one who feels that way, which is why multiple sprays have become very popular for walk-in showers. You can have a pre-fabricated spa panel installed or choose custom sprays. Either way, analyze your shower routines and desires to determine which sprays are most worth the investment.

Upgrade your walk-in shower with multiple sprays, seating, and a glass enclosure. For more information, contact local professionals like Monroe Industries Inc.


8 November 2016