Forget The Frills – Manly Window Treatments

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Decorating with men's tastes in mind – whether it be for an entire bachelor pad or a simple man-cave – may seem harder than decorating for the entire family. But it can be successfully done and create a classic, masculine space. One good place to begin is with the window treatments – something often left out of many men's decorating style. Here are 5 window coverings that can please just about any guy.

Wood Blinds. Blinds themselves are ubiquitous and usually fail to add much to a room's sense of style. But wood blinds can be just enough to give the space a masculine makeover for little money. They go with nearly any decorating style and come in a variety of colors and woods. If the windows still need a pop of sophisticated style, try pairing wood blinds with a bold, solid valance.

Shutters. Skip the curtains and opt for classic wood shutters to draw attention to windows as a focal point. Wooden shutters are easily adjustable to keep the cold out and the heat in. And they go perfectly with a pool room, game room, or to darken a home theater room.

Keep it Heavy. If you do choose to install curtains or drapes, opt for thick, heavy materials or bold patterns. Geometric patterns, strips, plaids, and similar large patterns evoke a more masculine effect than lighter or softer patterns. Similarly, heavier "drapery weight" custom curtains or drapes, from a place like Cover Up Designs, may be more appealing to many men than lighter curtain fabrics.

Simplify. A woman may love to add accessories and tweak her decorative elements, but a man isn't often so inclined. For this reason, keep window treatments simple and functional. A simple valance or single panel of curtains is likely to be sufficient for many men's tastes, so don't feel the need to overdo it. You can even go with a basic – but effective -- solar shade to minimize the window's visual footprint and keep the heat out of the room. Or choose a blackout curtain in a dark, vibrant color to help him enjoy his man-cave in privacy.

Make it High Tech. Many men like gadgets and technology, so appeal to that tendency when you purchase window coverings. Motorized blinds can be remote controlled or even wired into the home itself. There are even modern choices in window film and glass that can be adjusted wirelessly to change from clear to opaque at the touch of a button.

Knowing what types of window treatments are available to decorate your manly rooms, you can design a space that's easy to use, reflects its owner's personality and is stylish to boot.


5 October 2016