Tips For Maximizing Your Outdoor Spaces

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Whatever the configuration of your outdoor space – patio, yard, deck – you want to be able to enjoy it. Perhaps you'd like to be able to both dine al fresco and host evening gatherings. Or maybe you want a beautiful place to relax. Whatever your outdoor living style, design your outdoor spaces to make the most of their benefits.

Maximize Space

If you have a small patio or deck, you need to maximize every inch. One way to do this is with multi-purpose furniture. For example, look for benches that serve both as seating and as storage. Another way to maximize space is with scaled furniture. Stay away from grand, overstuffed pieces and select the sleek models instead. Indeed, many manufacturers make outdoor furniture that nestles with each other when not in use, such as chairs you store under the table.

Shade your Area

Just because you enjoy being outside in the sunshine doesn't mean you want to be under the full sun. Design your space to include shade. For example, Better Homes and Gardens suggests installing a decorative outdoor umbrella on your deck or patio. Another option is a pergola with a climbing plant trained over it. Speaking of plants, the natural way to add shade to your yard is with trees – consider an ornamental tree around seating for a charming vignette.

Add Warmth

On the other hand, once you've created the ideal outdoor spaces, you'll want to be able to use them at night and on cold days. There are different ways of adding warmth. Perhaps the most common is installing a fire pit. Fire pits range in size from small, tabletop models to large bonfires. Another option is a fireplace as the centerpiece of your outdoor lounge. Along those lines, if you enjoy cooking outside, consider a pizza oven, which will actually generate a lot of warmth.

Create Cozy Spaces

Your patio or deck aren't the only places for lounging. If you have a wide expanse of yard, you want to be able to utilize the space for multiple purposes, including relaxing. Create a cozy corner with furniture and plant life. Select comfortable outdoor furniture, and arrange it under a tree. Plant pretty flowers around the seating, and add a water fountain for a soothing ambience.

Be Creative

With your indoor décor, you may have felt the need for restraint. This restraint doesn't have to exist for your outdoor décor. As you're shopping for outdoor decor for sale, pay attention to fun pieces. For instance, perhaps you'll come across artistic wall art or an exotic statue. Even if it doesn't seem to follow a specific décor style, you can add the fun piece into a tableau.

Design your outdoor living area to maximize its potential.


27 June 2016