Garden Inspiration: How To Create The Perfect Housewarming Gift For The Gardening Enthusiast

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Housewarming parties are popular for several reasons. Not only is it fun to celebrate with loved ones when they move into their brand new home, but housewarming parties are a wonderful way to help your loved ones acquire the household items they need to establish their new home.

However, housewarming gifts are often related to the inside of the house. If your new homeowner loves gardening, they will be delighted when you create a garden-themed container filled with gifts they can use outdoors.

Select your items first

Choose the items for your gift before you purchase a container to hold them. Otherwise, you may end up with a container that is too small or too light to support the weight of the items you selected.

Select a combination of different sized items to create balance. Some good choices for small items are vegetable and flower seed packets. You can also choose garden gloves and small garden shovels or trowels.

Medium-sized items include flower pots, garden flags, bird feeders, engraved garden stones, and live plants. Decorative hanging lanterns also make great outdoor gifts. Purchase a matching set to use near an entryway or to hang on a garden arbor. Decorative hanging lanterns are also perfect for lighting a pathway to the house or garden.

Make sure to include an extra pack of candles if you purchase hanging lanterns. Flame-less candles with a timer are nice to use with candle lanterns, since they can be set to turn on at the same time each evening.

Large items include garden shears, kneeling mats, potting soil, birdseed, garden statues, and watering cans.

Select a container

A large woven basket can be used to hold the garden items and can pull double duty as a laundry or storage basket inside the house. Just make sure you choose a basket sturdy enough to hold heavier items. Ceramic flower pots make great containers for a garden-themed housewarming gift. Whether you select a plain terra cotta style or a ceramic planter embossed with a fancy design, a flower pot is a great way to present a gift to someone who loves the outdoors.

Every gardener needs a wheelbarrow. A wheelbarrow filled with supplies to start their first flower or vegetable garden at their new home will delight any gardener.

The next time you are invited to a housewarming party, think outside the house. Not only will your friend or family member appreciate your thoughtfulness, they will be delighted with a container filled with outdoor items to help make their new house a home.


17 December 2015