Sweet Dreams: Choosing The Right Side Tables Can Help You Create A Bedroom That's Practical And Pretty

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When it comes to buying furniture for your bedroom, side tables may not seem very important. You may settle for whatever side tables are available in a matching bedroom set without giving it much thought.

However, choosing the right side tables can make a difference in the appearance of your bedroom. Side tables don't have to be expensive. Cheap side tables are available in a variety of styles and materials that look as good as their expensive counterparts.

Size matters

Choosing side tables in the right height is important. If you like having snacks and other items on your side tables, you should choose tables that are at least as high as your mattress.

Side tables at mattress height make it easier for you to reach your snacks, a bottle of water, or a box of tissues during the night. Side tables as tall as the mattress also provide a pleasing visual line across the room.

If you are an avid bedtime reader, you will want to purchase side tables that are the correct height for holding lamps to provide adequate light for reading. A good rule to follow is to have the bottom of your lampshade come to your shoulder when you are sitting up in bed. Side tables a few inches higher than your mattress work best for bedtime readers.

Matching is not required

Side tables don't have to match the bed and dresser. If you like a traditional bedroom look, having everything matching is fine. If you prefer a contemporary decorating style, tables that don't match are a great way to bring some contrast into the bedroom.

Choosing side tables in a bold design or bright color can make the difference between a boring bedroom and one that grabs your attention. For instance, if your bed and dresser are white, side tables with a black and white design will bring the room to life.

If your bedroom furniture is primarily wood, look for metal side tables to add a touch of elegance.

Storage is important

Side tables with additional drawers or cabinets built in can help you solve your storage problems. You can keep an extra blanket close by or store a supply of reading material.

Don't overlook the storage options of open-style side tables. Parsons tables or other side tables without drawers or cabinets underneath make great places for a waste basket or stool. You can also place a large basket under the table to store extra pillows if desired.

When it comes to bedroom decorating and design, don't overlook the importance of choosing the right side tables. Whether you want to dress up a boring bedroom or enhance your bedtime reading experience, the right size and style of side tables can help make your bedtime dreams come true.


23 November 2015