Maintenance Tips For Your Home's Wooden Blinds

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Window blinds are essential for ensuring that you are able to control the amount of light that is entering the home. Sadly, these blinds can become extremely dirty over the course of time. In addition to being an eyesore, this problem can also lower the air quality in the home by providing a source of air contamination. In particular, wooden window blinds can be particularly difficult to clean. Fortunately you can utilize the following couple of tips to make sure that your blinds are as clean as possible.

Use Diluted Vinegar On Wooden Blinds

In order to effectively remove dust and dirt from wooden window blinds, you will need to use a cleaning solution that will be strong enough to remove these substances without harming the wood. If you are unable to get a cleaning solution formulated for wood, you can use a mixture of diluted vinegar to gently clean the wood.

After applying this mixture to the wooden blinds, you should wet a cloth with a small amount of water to wipe away any excess vinegar that may be left on the blinds. If this residue is not removed, it can result in white lines forming on the blinds after it has dried.

Apply A Finish To Protect Against Damage From The Sun's Rays

The intense rays from the sun can cause damage to wooden blinds, but many homeowners are uninformed about this particular threat. As a result, they may be surprised to one day notice that the blinds have started to become severely bleached. Preventing this problem will require coating the blinds with a protective finish. Ideally, you will need to apply this finish once every year to ensure the blinds are as protected as possible.

Unfortunately, your blinds may have already suffered this type damage, but it may be able to be reversed. This can be done by applying a stain to the bleached side of the blinds that closely matches the original shade of the blinds. Once the stain has dried, make sure to apply a coat of finish to ensure that this damage does not return.

Maintaining wooden blinds is a task that you may not be particular informed about or experienced doing. If you understand that you can use diluted vinegar to clean these blinds and the importance of protecting them against being bleached by the sun, getting the most from these window accessories should be an easier task for you to do.

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30 October 2015