Landscaping For Security And Comfort

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If you have many trees and bushes in your yard, your home might be a security risk. Hidden doorways and windows make your home accessible by burglars without being seen. But you also want shade on your house to keep it cool during those sunny days. Here is how to landscape your yard so you can get the best of both security and comfort.

Exposing Those Hidden Entryways

Start by walking around the house and finding where trees or bushes come right up to a doorway or window. Walk back to the street or sidewalk and see if the door or window is clearly visible behind the obstacle. If not, these need to be trimmed back enough to allow someone from the street to see if a burglar is trying to break in. By trimming away the tree or bush, you're creating a deterrent for a criminal because they prefer to do their work unseen.

Remove Easy Access to Upper Floors

If you have trees with branches that come close to upper story windows, have one of the local tree trimming services get rid of those branches. Many people assume that the upper floor is safe and won't have as much security on those windows. They may keep them open and unlocked at night. A persistent burglar will climb the tree to try the upstairs windows if they feel uncomfortable trying the windows and doors downstairs.

Remove the Obstacles But Keep the Shade

You can trim back trees and bushes and still have shade for the yard and house. Large trees with full canopies that shade your house are fine to keep as long as you remove lower branches. This opens up the space in your yard so people can see any break-in activities. It also makes climbing the trees for access to upper balconies and patios more difficult.

Trim bushes so the lower couple of feet are free of foliage and the primary growth is at the top. This also lets light into the yard and keeps burglars from hiding while breaking in. Make sure there is space between adjoining bushes so you don't create a solid wall of growth that blocks activity going on behind it.

If you have tall evergreen trees close to the house that provide shade, ask the tree service if they can thin out the branches so you still get some shade, but have a view of any doors and windows behind the tree.

You don't need to completely remove trees and bushes from your yard to make your house more secure. You can have shade and security with prudent trimming and thinning of the existing landscaping.

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28 July 2015