Three Amazing And Affordable Gift Basket Ideas For Graduating Students

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Do you want to give the graduate in your life something useful and meaningful without breaking the bank? A good way to meet these goals is to give a gift basket. While gift baskets are a common choice for occasions like graduations, some can be pretty expensive. These ones, however, are remarkably affordable and offer bountiful enjoyment nonetheless. 

The Cheap Wine Gift Basket

This gift idea is best suited to college grads, as high school grads are not typically old enough to drink wine legally. Your graduate will enjoy having some wine to enjoy with friends, but chances are good that his or her palate is not yet sophisticated enough to appreciate an expensive wine. Cheaper wines will do the trick! In this gift basket, include the following:

  • 2 bottles of cheap wine in the $5 - $10 range (3 if you're feeling generous)
  • a simple corkscrew
  • two wine glasses from a dollar or discount store
  • some crackers or biscuits to enjoy with the wine

The Summer Party Prep Gift Basket

Graduates often end up attending plenty of summer parties. Some of these will be parties for other graduates, and some will be for other summer occasions like the Independence Day. Ensure your grad is prepared for a summer of parties by creating a gift basket with the following items:

  • Sunscreen (the spray-on kind is nice)
  • Bug spray
  • Bug repellent candles
  • A visor or hat to keep the sun out of the eyes
  • A cooling handkerchief (the kind you put in the freezer and then wear around your neck)
  • A large, reusable water bottle

The "Welcome to Adulthood" Gift Basket

Graduation is often seen as the beginning of adulthood. Your graduate is about to go through some life changes, and there are some simple supplies that you can put together in a basket to make these changes easier. This idea is best suited to college grads, but can be useful for some more mature high school grads, too. Things to put in the basket include:

  • An adult/professional looking phone case (many younger people have flashy, colorful ones that may not be appropriate for an office)
  • A checkbook cover
  • A small manual or book on personal finance
  • A lint roller (for on the way to work)
  • A travel coffee mug

Keep in mind that you don't necessarily have to include all of the suggested items in any of these baskets. Set your budget, and then purchase items that fit into it while also meeting your graduate's individual needs. For additional assistance, contact a local shop, such as Clarence's Gift Shop.


30 June 2015