4 Ways To Get Your Trees Ready For Winter

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If you're lucky enough to have gorgeous trees on your property, you want to take care of them. Tree care is especially important in the autumn, because even though winter is a time of dormancy for many trees, proper care can keep them healthy during the cold months so they are ready to bloom again in spring. Here are four ways for you to get your trees ready for the winter.

Water the Trees

You may think that summertime is the only time when trees need water. However, trees need water all year round so it is important that you give them enough water, so that their roots can absorb it and use it in the winter months. Make sure to water your trees frequently, until the ground starts to freeze.

Prune Branches

When the leaves fall off of your trees, that can be the best time to do some pruning. Winter storms can be brutal, blowing branches everywhere, so pruning can help protect your property from branches that might break off your trees and hit your home. Get rid of branches that appear to be dead or damaged in some way, and check trees for any signs of disease, such as fungus growth or rotting wood.

After pruning, you may want to do some shaping too. You can better see the structure of your trees without the leaves on them, so shaping your trees in the autumn is often easier than doing it any other time.

Take Care of New, Young Trees

If you've been planning to put more trees on your property, autumn is a great time to do that. The cooler weather provides the perfect conditions for new trees, as roots can grow very well during this time. However, you need to be sure to give them special care.

For example, cover the soil with a thick layer of mulch so that the roots can better retain water and be less affected by extremely cold temperatures. You might also consider wrapping the trunk of young trees with burlap to protect them.

Avoid Fertilizing Problems

You may want to fertilize your trees so that the roots have nutrients in the winter, but that may not be a good idea. Fertilization can cause your trees to grow rapidly, and that can cause damage when the extreme temperatures of winter set in. To avoid this problem, choose a slow release fertilizer and apply it sparingly.

With the tips above, you can prepare your trees properly for the winter. Work with a tree service such as Qualitree Inc to ensure that you have done everything you can to protect your trees during the colder months of the year.  


11 December 2014