Learn How To Easily Customize Drapery To Use In Your Child's Nursery

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Finding just the right drapery to use in your child's nursery doesn't have to be overly difficult, if you are willing to customize the pieces on your own. Customizing drapery is much easier than you think. Use the following guide to learn how to make plain drapes look fun and unique.

Supplies You'll Need

  • Plastic Cookie Cutters
  • A Small Paintbrush
  • Bleach
  • Solid Colored Drapes
  • A Small Dish

Prepare Your Drapes

First, prepare your drapes by ironing them. You want to be sure that there are no wrinkles in them as it could ruin the design that you are attempting to create. Read the label on the drapes to ensure that you learn what setting to use on the iron so that you do not scorch them.

Choose Your Design

You can choose to create a border that goes across the drapes at the top or bottom of the material or you can choose to cover the entire drapes with a unique pattern.

Create the Look

Bleach will remove color out of the drapes and leave the areas where you put the bleach white. Spread out the drapery on a table or other flat surface. Pour some of the bleach into the small bowl and place the bowl near the edge of the drapery.

Place one of the plastic cookie cutters flush against the drapery. Dip the paintbrush into the bleach and carefully paint the fabric inside of the cookie cutter. This will allow you to create the design of the cutter quickly and easily.

You need to be sure that you apply the bleach in very small amounts to ensure that the drapery doesn't get too saturated.  This will cause the bleach to bleed in areas where you do not want it to go. Pick up the cookie cutter, move it to a new position, and bleach the area the same way.

It could take you a few minutes or a few hours to create the completed look you are trying to achieve. You can use this same method to customize decorative pillows to place in the room or even to create customized sheets to use in your child's crib. Being unique and creative will ensure your child has a nursery that is as original as they are and as whimsical as it can be.

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10 December 2014