3 Of The Most Durable Fabrics For Sofas And Furniture

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Many people with children or pets wonder what kind of fabric they should get for their furniture and sofas. This is a great question to ask because they can destroy furniture if you don't have the right type to endure spills, rough housing, and accidents. Here are some of the best kids of furniture fabrics for people with young children and pets.


Just like your jeans, denim will hold up to extreme wear. The denim that they use to cover a couch is much softer than your jeans, but it is woven together tightly so that it can endure intense wear.

Another great thing about denim is that it's cheaper than other furniture options. Many people who have young families and pets choose to get a couch that will simply get them through the messy years. You don't have to feel guilty about replacing a denim couch in a couple years when you are ready to upgrade because it's so affordable.


Microfiber is another great option. These couches are made from tiny fibers that are about the width of human hair. As they weave all of these tiny fibers together it makes an incredibly durable fabric. Microfiber is great because you can easily wash off any stain. You don't have to worry about ruining the fabric when a little spill gets on it.

People also love microfiber because it holds its color well. Many people have had these couches for years and the sofas still have their same vibrant color. If you are looking for an affordable long-term couch, then microfiber might be the choice for you.


Wool is one of the most durable fabrics that you can get. Many fabric manufacturers make wool in a variety of patterns so you can get practically any color or pattern that you want. This is not the case for all other fabrics. Wool can withstand just about any mess that you can create if you clean it off immediately.

Because wool can shrink, you need to be careful about getting it too wet. Any spill on the sofa should be cleaned off with a dry towel. When you are ready to clean the upholstery you should have it professionally done to avoid shrinking it.

The major downside to wool is the cost. However, if you are planning on keeping the couch long-term, the cost may not be a factor.

These are just three of most durable types of fabrics that you can get for your sofas and furniture. For more information about fabric options for your furniture, contact a store like the Home Furniture Co., Inc.


29 April 2015